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A combination of the word protein and oats, given to the name of the mixture of the two. Proats are made by mixing protein powder with a bowl of oatmeal and usually adding fruit, nuts or honey etc...

This mixture carries no additional benefits over the two ingredients and only offers the promise of instagram likes and snapchat views. Proats are usually consumed by average gym goers just looking for Likes
Hey, what did you eat this morning?

Just had some proats, wbu?

Did you Insta it? Because it doesnt really matter if you didnt ...
by Kiritoluvsboobs November 20, 2016
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1)A noun used in substitution of the "f-bomb" when at a formal function, or mingling with aristocracy. Especially while trying to casually insult a particularly snooty acquaintance.

"Charles, you old proat! How was Hong-Kong"
by Suzanne Ross February 26, 2008
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