Korean leveling threadmill cleverly disguised as a massive multiplayer online game (Everquest, WoW, Eve Online). Also known as PT. It involves the following:

1. mindlessly killing mobs (mobs = monsters);

2. gaining items from said mobs (items = better equipment = increased killing efficiency);

3. leveling up after killing an astronomical number of said mobs (leveling = more stat points = increased killing efficiency);

4. accessing higher level maps with stronger mobs which render your new equipment upgrades and stat points void;

5. jump back to #1 and repeat indefinitely

On very rare ocassions and after a significant amount of time spent inside this senseless and time-consuming loop, you may achieve enlightment and be able to skip to #6:

6. in a flash of insight, you realize that playing PT is the equivalent of being brain dead and quit for good, denouncing all mmorpgs as the brainchildren of satan and make a witty entry on urbandictionary as your final contribution to the game that has sucked out 2 years of your life;

It is also one of the few online multiplayer games where soloing is more efficient than partying, which promotes a healthy anti-social attitude that will make you unable to function in society ever after.
Pristontale killed my inner child.
by deius October 12, 2005
1. Anther Korean to english translated game.
2. Anther free online massively multiplayer game on the internet.

If something is Pristontale-ish then it more then likely includes:

a) The killing of small woodland creatures
b) Little anime kids with decrotive armor
c) Free up to a certian level, I.e. once your character reaches level 40.
1. I was up playing Priston tale all night and decided its worth membership.

2. After playing Runescape and not being able to move the cammera at all i started to play Priston tale and actually had FUN.
by Bettermann February 27, 2005
game made by the geniuses from triglow pictures. Korea makes the best mmorpg's hands down
by Anonymous August 27, 2003
^ i added that one fuckers oh yeah #|2 fuckers oh yeah i own your face
by Jotka August 30, 2003