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Ye olden practice of two lesbian princesses of the same family engaging in hot sex. Thou that looks upon it is blessed by the holy power of gods so strongly that they shall die.
A knight and squire venture through the lands 'till they spot a castle. The knight pulls out a telescope and looks through the stained glass windows.
Squire: "What does thou gaze upon?"
Knight: "The greatest thing to have ever plague the earth. Princest."
The knight starts jerking off until he passes out.
by Sir Knight August 14, 2015
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(n) A female heir who has had sex with one (or both) of her parents. The parents can be kings/queens, presidents, cult leaders, dictators, lords, gods, the pope, buddha, anything/anyone who is of a highest position/rank of their kind.
Princess of Sudetenland: When I grow up I'm going to marry daddy and make more of me because I'm THAT great!
Pedestrian: ...PRINCEST! BURN HER!
by schmidtbag24 July 11, 2008
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