A girl who is sweet, kind, smart, goofy, intelligent, beautiful and an amazing friend to have. She will always be there for you and help you out with your problems and will never judge you. She can be a little spoiled at times but doesn't Bragg or even likes to bring it up at times. Overall princess is just an amazing person in general. She is also a bold and brave.
Princess is an amazing friend.

selfless smart giving
by pjobigsis March 13, 2017
A very kind hearted and loveable person. She can make anyone smile with her personality, and she is very trustworthy, if you are friends, she can keep even the greatest of secrets. She has different sides to herself which make her more interesting. She is great friend to have, and if you spend time with her, you probably won't want to leave her side.
Princess is so sweet
by Jackie453 March 14, 2017
A Classy, sweet, girl who will cut anyone that comes at her the wrong way. Shes always respected by many and isnt shy when she has to do something big. Admired by many, but is too good of a girl for anyone anyway, shes a graceful princess.
Dude have you seen that girl yesterday bro?

Yeah dude she the best.. shes my princess.
by oreos321 July 15, 2018
What you call your girlfriend because she is the best she can be and always treats you right and looks like an angel. She has a cute voice and a very innocent look. She may be used to getting what she wants but only because she deserves the absolute best. She might call you her king or prince.
by thetruth444 June 14, 2015
A very special girl with a fine body and beautiful personality
by Unknown420xXX April 12, 2015
A princess is a girl who wants it all and will get it all either threw her own means or her mans means. She loves people more then herself and helping people is her passion but make NO MISTAKE she will always be a spoiled biatch and she loves herself for it.
"Hey princess!!!! I just opened this buisness!! You wanna go out sometime?!"
"Actually I don't like your kind but since you like looked at me Stuff I'm in love sooooo here's the thing. I'm going to be needing all these things. You know as reparation for you trying to use the buisness man line on me..

Keep being you. But seriously that ego has got to go.

(also I would love one of those old fashioned houses in crown point Indiana on the square, FOR STARTERS- and a pink keurig that's bedazzled.. Aww they don't make those?! MAKE IT YOURSELF!!!)
by FrancoisBenicia18473 August 28, 2016