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A neurotic, obsessive girl who is preoccupied with glam, expensive luxuries, and guys who are out of their league. I'm talking about bitchy, rude girls who act like they are worth getting with, but really are a waste of time and money. They usually cause drama, and always talk about being with prince charming or some "hot" guy, even though they themselves, the princess bitch, may be ugly as fuck. They sometimes use guys to pay for dinner, movie, or gifts, and not even utter a "Thank you" even once. They are in denial and will not admit that they themselves should stick with an ugly-looking dude. They constantly convince their girlfriends to go out with a hot guy instead of someone worth falling in love with. Princess Bitches usually don't have jobs since their daddy provides for everything, and they always obsess how much they love their dads. The poor fucks. They are basically losers in denial. They are mostly common in late middle school up through high school.
Dear god, Brittany is such a princess bitch! She's always trying to hit on that dude over there. She's so fuckin ugly!

Hey Princess Bitch, why don't you get in your own league!

Last night, Sara made John pay for everything, including her trip to the salon! She didn't look grateful. God, John is nice, but I think he's whipped, if it wasn't for that Princess Bitch!

Hey, there goes that Princess Bitch trying to steal Jen's boyfriend. She's thinks that flirting will do the trick, but God is she dumb!
by Slovestekaner a-hole September 28, 2009
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One who thinks that they are better than everyone else. A piss poor attitude and general bitchy qualities are a must to become a princess bitch.
What's up with Liz's attitude lately? She's acting like a real princess bitch!
by The King of Bookland December 02, 2005
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