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1) The grand duchess of Russia. She lived from 1901 - 1918, so she died when she was only 17. She lived during the time of the Russian Revolution, and was killed by the Bolshevik Party, along with the rest of her family. The idea that she survived is based off the fact that she was the last one killed (she had been hiding in her room) and she was buried in a separate place from her family, along with one of her older sisters.

2) A Disney film made in 1997. Probably the most historically inaccurate film of all time. Rasputin sells his soul in exchange for immortality, Princess Anastasia loses her memory and is sent to an orphanage; there is no evidence of the Soviet Union or WWI, and the movie is full of crappy songs.
For definition 1:
Person 1: Hey man, I feel bad for Princess Anastasia. She died when she was only 17! Along with the rest of her family, of course.
Person 2: I know. The Bolsheviks even killed her pet dog. How ridiculous is that?
For definition 2:
Person 1: Hey man, wanna watch Princess Anastasia with me tonight?
Person 2: Hell no. That movie sucks balls.
by Ashley Katchadourian December 01, 2013
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