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Naseem Hamed (born February 12, 1974) is a British boxer and former Bantamweight and Featherweight champion born to Yemeni parents who emigrated to Sheffield. Hamed adopted the moniker "Prince" Naseem Hamed. He is known for his flashy and arrogant style, colourful ring entrances, unorthodox southpaw stance, and explosive power.

A true fighter.

Professional boxing:

* Fights: 37
* Wins: 36 (97.3%)
* KOs: 31 (86%)
* Losses: 1
* Drawn: 0

As popular lower weight fighters like Oscar de la Hoya and Kostya Tszyu moved into the mid-weight classes and the Mexican champion Julio César Chávez declined, Hamed and Arturo Gatti filled the void. Hamed's power made him the new poster-boy for lighter-weight boxers and his charisma attracted a large number of fans. Hamed has also been referenced by the rapper Nas in the song "You Won't See Me Tonight", with the lyrics "I can't forget how I met you//you thought I was a boxer//Prince Naseem but I'm a mobster, Nas from Queens". Hamed himself recorded a song with hip hop group Kaliphz called "Walk Like A Champion", which reached number 23 in the UK Singles Chart in 1996.

Former fighters and boxing purists also question any right he has to greatness. Following the loss to Barrera he failed to take advantage of a return clause in the fight contract.10 It is argued that for a fighter to be considered great he must at least try to hunt down those who have beaten him to obtain a rematch. Fighters such as Thomas Hearns chasing down Ray Leonard, Shane Mosley chasing down both Vernon Forrest and Winky Wright, and also Lennox Lewis ensuring that Hasim Rahman and Oliver McCall gave rematches immediately are examples of behaviour befitting a fighter who believes he is still the best.11 Following the loss to Barrera, Hamed, his confidence apparently shattered since he didn't want to fight Barrera on a rematch, he faded from view. Respected British boxing pundit Steve Bunce stated on the March 15, 2008 edition of BBC panel show Fighting Talk that Hamed was the greatest British boxer of all time, in his opinion. World Boxing, a sister publication of the more famous The Ring magazine, ranked Hamed as the 11th greatest British boxer of all-time. The Ring Magazine also ranked Hamed as the 46th greatest puncher of all-time.

Naseem Hamed has been presented Best Sporting Legend award from various Profesional Bodies including Sha Max Asian Association and Britanix Sporting Centre.
Prince Naseem aka Prince Nas or Naz was the most cocky boxer ever.
by Sanchez_Guerrero March 15, 2009
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Very charismatic Yemen-British boxer who first started as a professional wrestler in WCW. Known for his charisma and showboating he made professional wrestlers and boxers forget they were fighting and knocked them out with flashy over the top punches. After WCW went out of business in 2001 he went on to have his first boxing match against Antonio Marco Barrera better known for his hollywood movies. To most peoples shock Prince Naseem lost the decision and was dominated thoroughly. Embarrassed by the loss he retired from the sport of boxing and went back to fake professional wrestling in which he had long running feuds with the likes of Rey Mysterio, Mantaur, Macho King, and Goldust. His feud with Goldust was best known for the incident in which Goldust was driving in his car and spotted Prince Naseem and his wife Torrie Wilson and ran her off the road causing her to lose her baby. This culminated into a match at Summerslam in a steel cage match in which Goldust won and Kane was revealed as the real father until DNA tests later proved the real father to be Gene Snitsky. Forced to retire after briefly managing Muhammad Hassan, Hamed left the WWE and went onto a career backstage in TNA writing tv with Vince Russo. Recently Prince Naseem has debuted in MMA after watching Anderson Silva copy him seeking revenge. In January 2014 Prince Naseem Hamed joined TNA once again apart of Dixie Carter's new stable along with Spud and her side kick lover Dirty Dong Harry.
"Look it's the most charismatic over the top boxer since Hector Camacho and easily more hate able than Floyd Mayweather"

"Yeah, I remember his name was Prince Naseem or something like that"
by viggy1990 August 14, 2014
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