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The heaviest band in the galaxy. Brutal. Loud. Defiant. Voted band mostly likely to sleep with your dead girlfriend. Their inspiration comes from lots of drugs and alcohol. Also known for their insane performances.
Dude! Were you at the Primary Colors show last night? We all hailed Satan, then pounded beers and smoked a bowl in the venue.

December 21, 2012. Egypt. Pyramid. Aliens N Shit. Apocalypse.
by massnecropsy July 15, 2010
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1.The primary PIGMENT colors:

2.The primary LIGHT colors:
Blue (IE RGB)
1.The primary pigment colors put together will make black.

2.The primary light colors put together will make white.
by Bomni February 10, 2005
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The three primary colors are what all the other colors are made from.

barring white and black which are technically not colors
Person: hey man did you know red, blue and green can make any color.

person 2: lol I learnt about primary colors in preschool

by Bradley J floyd April 08, 2007
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When you're eating out a hypothermic girl who's on her period, and she pees on your face. Get it?
He thought the eskimo chick would be a great, lay, but 20 minutes later...primary colors, dude.
by Duke Greene May 05, 2004
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