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Naturist Movement in the early 1970's. Very close to the belief that we are animals, embrace it, but since the Human animal can think, make decisions, and control-these facts hold the Human more accountable to the Creator.

Sexually, the Male follows the laws of nature and will wait for the invite by the female. This movement was very monogomous! Family-wise, they tend to pack and will care for eachother's children when need be. The Females are rather strong willed, and the Male altho respected by the females, hold the place of defender/sire/lover/and father. Noticible in this Naturistic movement is the Male's enjoyment of the young, and not only his own. Children hold the highest place in the social stucture and their development, physically and emotionslly is paramont.

The Move died out for most the part with the onslaught of 1970-80 "ME" generational ideology. Altho there are pockets of this little known Naturistic group, the fashion-set "Nudist" movement has overwhelmed this tradional-Nature based Naked Society group.
Primal males ar not Nudists, they are Naturists.
by Primal Male August 16, 2008
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