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Pretzel Boy – Noun /ˈpretsəl boi/– Derogatory slang used to describe a man child who LOVES pretzels.
Pretzel Boy ate that cheese covered soft pretzel even after it fell face down on the disgusting, contaminated, vomit stained, urinated on casino carpet.
by Giggles T. Clown September 23, 2014
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Slang term For George W. Bush. Apparently refers to his failed attempt to eat a pretzel.
by Foxhole September 15, 2005
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Male, age 16-40 who dresses, acts, resembles all his peers. Taken originally from Rold Gold pretzel commercial. Often found at Dave Matthews concerts, Abercrombie & Fitch outlets, and fraternity keg parties. Song by Bomb Threat regarding same.
Nice khakis, you fucking pretzel boy.
Dont waste your time, she only dates pretzel boys.
by E-dub May 14, 2005
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