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An area of Greater Manchester which is inhabited by people that have snake-like qualities.
These include being full of poison, and having the ability to slither everywhere they please.
They can be found in small bushes and shrubs... Particularly in avenues... I cannot state which particular parts, but be careful when in the general area.
Those who wish to spend more than a few hours within Prestwich, have been known to have considerable changes in behaviour.
First effects are; runny nose, followed by snake-like arm/hand gestures, immediately followed by the tendency to hide all information from others.
These snakes slither into your minds so be careful.

If in the club and find a particular person who is very drunk, spending extreme amounts of money and throwing drinks on the floor please stay away, and report to your nearest snake charmers.
Fuck this guy, he's a fuckin Prestwich Serpent
by Octapuss July 28, 2010
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