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Pressley A very beautiful one of a kind girl that can make you smile no matter what. If youre down she can bring you back up. Has the most beautiful eyes youll ever see. Pressley is kinda crazy and can be a bitch at times. A girl youll fall in love with at first glance. A very good kisser and has a nice big ass. A girl no guy is deserving of. She probably doesnt even know how great she really is and how much she means to that special person. She has a beauty that nobody else even comes close to. She is the kindest person you will ever meet and you will often find yourself always smiling when your around her. She is always tryin to lighten the day up and she knows how to make someone smile. She is a beautiful person inside and out every feature that she posseses is engraved in your mind from the second you lay eyes on her. She is not limited to just physical features her personality is as beautiful. You wonder how it is that a person this extraordinary can exist but find yourself just appreciatin the fact that she exists and even better yet that you know. Pressley is simply put the most amazing girl you will ever meet. She has a stunning body beautiful face and her eyes will make you stop dead in your tracks. Is likely seen roaming around with the luckiest man on earth who will always love her no matter what. Words cannot describe a Pressley, even these.
Dude you know that pressley girl?

Yeah, but dude you better watch out, shes dangerious.
by Unknown Crazzedd Boo<3 July 23, 2011
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A girl that is tall, and hates a girl name sabrina, that has a stick up her ass.
Pressley doesn't like that chick name Sabrina.
by Pressley Murillo November 24, 2007
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