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A Slutty (ie: Promiscuious) Girl or Guy having a good reputation with surrounding adults. Usualy a sports or school-spirit associated person. Surrounding Adults usualy think the Guy or Girl is very smart, responsible and has safe forward thinking and behavior when in actuality he or she may drink, do drugs and fuck large numbers of attractive people. It is common for Prephos to participate in school functions such as Pep rallys, Sporting events, yearbook, dances and possibly even student counil while still binge drinking on the weekends and smoking pot with equaly reputable people. Typically shallow and self-centered, they have trouble seeing the results of thier actions and don't even seem to realize other people have emotions unless such emotions directly affect them.
The Prephos met up after school to shop for homecoming dresses and get high.

Late after a night of wild sex with a college student, the 17 year old Prepho didn't even bother to sneak back inside because he knew his parents trusted him.
by Amber Antonelli (Setsu) October 03, 2006
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