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1. Is the study of man, his behaviors, and beliefs before religion was introduced to man.

2. The thought that man was good, born without original sin and did not need to be cleaned or put into water for a baptism before Christianity.

3. A more peaceful time in mans history when there was no war over religion.
1. Man that lived on this planet before religion was introduced, the belief in one or more supernaturals, lived during a time of preligion.

2. I would like to go back to the time of preligion when man did not fight and start horrible deathly wars over the belief of a god or belief in a particular religion.

2. Many Atheists, Agnostic, Secular, FreeThinkers, and Humanists would like to have preligious thoughts and beliefs embraced and acknowledged.
by RMunson February 09, 2011
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