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Combination of pregnant and purgatory. A place or state of being pregnant whereby the woman is tired of being pregnant but at the same time not ready to deliver and care for a baby.
While in her 3rd trimester, 60 lbs heavier, swollen ankles, bed rest, and recently lost her job, she was in the deep throes of pregatory.
by shlac September 30, 2016
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A place or condition for an unbelievably attractive woman who got pregnant and therefore, undesirable to males seeking a one night stand or casual intercourse.
Dan: When I get back from Europe I'm going to ask out your friend, Jill.

Maria: that's so sweet of you! She hasn't had many dates since she got knocked up. Where are you taking her??

Dan: I'm not!! I didn't know she had a kid on the way -- she's officially in pregatory if you ask me!
by TenaciousAG March 23, 2011
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