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The feeling you get when you lean back in your chair too far and think you are about to fall but don't. The feeling also brings about an uncontrollable body jerk and an instant orgasmic facial expression. A combination of whoa and orgasm.
Someone loosened the settings on my chair when I wasn't expecting it. I had a whoagasm trying to keep myself from falling out of the chair.
by shlac December 19, 2009

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Combination of pregnant and purgatory. A place or state of being pregnant whereby the woman is tired of being pregnant but at the same time not ready to deliver and care for a baby.
While in her 3rd trimester, 60 lbs heavier, swollen ankles, bed rest, and recently lost her job, she was in the deep throes of pregatory.
by shlac September 30, 2016

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\SOO-cruh-bus\, noun

Any beverage, food or food additive labeled as lite, diet, zero calorie, etc. made with sucralose (Splenda) which is an artificial sweetener. The word is derived from a combination of the words sucralose and succubus implying that a food item is sweet and delicious but also contains deadly poison for which repeated consumption will result in the deterioration of mental and/or physical heath or even death.
I just love Propel water. I get the benefits of drinking water but with a great taste. The reason it tastes so great is because it’s a very seductive sucrabus. The product lures you in with the great taste and no calorie sales pitch but in actuality it is slowly poisoning your gastrointestinal tract.
by shlac August 30, 2012

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