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The ship name of American footballers Christen Press and Tobin Heath. Has been speculated since approx. 2015, and despite abundant photographic 'evidence', has never been confirmed. Most commonly used as a noun, but can occasionally be an adjective. Sometimes used when fans are too lazy to say "Tobin and Christen".
*Christen scores off of Tobin's cross* "Gotta love that Preath connection!"
"I hope Preath is in today's lineup."
"Did you see Christen's Insta story? So much Preath content!"
"I used to stan Talex, but now I'm hardcore for Preath"
by yetanotheruswntmemepage November 04, 2019
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Pussy-Breath; pussy breath.

adj. used to describe someone who's acquired a rather unfriendly breath after giving a girl oral.
My mouth taste and smells like pussy. I have preath.
by Bangs and Tits April 23, 2011
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