Praxeology is the distinctive method of the Austrian school of economics, popularized by the economist Ludwig Von Mises. It rests on the fundamental axiom that individual human beings act, that is, on the primordial fact that individuals engage in conscious actions toward chosen goals. This concept of action contrasts to purely reflexive, or knee-jerk, behavior, which is not directed toward goals.

Definition provided by the Mises Institute
The basic principles of praxeology were first discovered by the Greek philosophers, who used them as a foundation for a eudaimonistic ethics.
by Corn Goblin June 1, 2017
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Praxeological Spiritualism, also Praxeological Supernaturalism, Praxeological Occultism and Praxeological Esotericism, is a spiritualist theory that seeks to study the influence of the spiritual and of extraphysics on human behavior and actions, it believes that all human behavior and actions are intentionally influenced by the extraphysical level such as all, or almost all, extraphysical behavior can be influenced by physical level. Praxeological spiritualism also advocates similar principles than dialectical spiritualism and considers dialectical spiritualism as an important concept for praxeological spiritualism.
"Praxeological Spiritualism is an interesting spiritualist theory, mainly it unites elements of dialectical spiritualism with praxeology, or better saying, it unites dialectical spiritualism with dialectical praxeology, and it might be useful for the survival of spiritualism and supernaturalism during those times of scientistic materialism and cultural atheism. Besides help to understand spiritualism with an individualist outlook."
by Full Monteirism March 28, 2021
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Dialectical Praxeology is an ancap stalinist and capitalist communist (CapCom) theory that unites praxeology with dialectical materialism, where all human behavior and actions are result from the conflict of social forces and are interpretable as a series of contradictions and their solutions. The conflict is believed to be caused by material needs. Dialectical Praxeology also advocates that there are a struggle between the material needs and the human behavior, not just humans, but also for all living beings as well, where all material needs are shape the behavior of living beings such as the behavior of living beigs shape the material needs as well.
"Dialectical Praxeology is a capitalist communist theory, mainly used by capcoms and some kinds of anarchists to justify how the material conditions actually shape the behavior of humans such as humans shape the material conditions of the world they live in, leading into an infinite struggle between human behavior and material conditions."
by Full Monteirism March 21, 2021
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