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a description of a wierd creature from the Caribbean island of St Maarten. Often found outside "Castcaaaaatters" or "Macdaanaalds", this species has been created with stilettos. Usually a small one inch stiletto found on the floor of the room, a really messy room with a broken bed and pillows everywhere. A signature of the Pravinas room is the orange juice stain on the carpet. The Pravina cannot talk in English, wears a furry fleece and does not know how to cry. It is a defective creature as it is not ticklish...A really weird weird creature.
A pravina, from st Maarten...usually short with small feet.
person 1: "Im going to castcaaaaters to buy some wodka"
Person 2: you're such a pravina!
by Pravinacostcutter October 27, 2011
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