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1) A situation where there is no surveillance, and therefore, no one to see you TP that stupid memorial or whatnot.

2) A person who is really annoying or stupid, and deserves a prank to be pulled on them, prank ranging from stealing their glasses to pushing them into a freezing pool with their shoelaces tied.

3) Something that tempts a mind onto wicked thoughts and actions, and something that deserves to be messed with.
That sign was so prank-worthy, with all the right letters sitting there and absolutely no one around, I had to rearrange them to spell "hairy monkey balls"

Justin gets on my nerves all the time, so instead of just beating him up, I steal his iPod and dump ice cubes down his shirt. He's just that prank-worthy.

Don't leave that female manikin just lying around; it's just a little too prank-worthy.
by prankster _chica December 07, 2009
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