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That woman or women in your corporate office who begin to grow and morph in strange and largely disturbing ways while exhibiting pregnancy. These changes may include an excessively disgusting appetite, grunts while doing the simplest tasks such as getting up out of a chair, frequent trips the bathroom while breathing heavily and holding the belly, and a general swelling of the body. These traits may set the pregnant woman apart from her other co-workers, deaming her an alien of sorts...or Pralien.
Office Ho #1: "Did you hear Brenda is pregnant?"
Office Ho #2: "Bitch please, that Pralien has been rollin' around this office grunting, rambling on and on about nothing, passing her work onto me and eating everything out of the fridge like it's hers! That string cheese is mine, dammit!"
by cwisticwistina July 24, 2013
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