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A synonym for "super awesome" and "Alexander"

Probably the best compliment you can give anyone! by calling them a Praize! It practically means you are a god!

The word originated from the bible. They were the first words god ever spoke, "Praize! let there be light" although Praize was later removed from the original manuscripts in the bible as they didn't know what it meant. It was later on revealed that Praize! was said in reference to the holy one who would bring a great revelation to the universe! Greater than the coming of Jesus! They said that Praize existed before god. But He is the Omega Alpha. He was born after the end of time and lived to the beginning of time when god was born. It is also rumored that god was created in the image of "Praize". Apparently "Chuck Norris" was a failed attempt at creating a human. It is noted that Praize created him in his image.
"1. That dude is a praize! pure legend!

2. Did you see him shread that guitar? He is a guitar praize

3. That girls so beautiful, She must be a praize

4. Praize Alexander! Are her boobs even real?

5. Dear Praize, are you serious?

6. You just maxed runescape? Wow, you are a Praize!

7. Hes good at getting girls but he ain't no Praize!"
by Praize Alexander June 29, 2011
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