1) Universal answer to questions like ‘What to do?’ when there is no other solutions left.

2) Expression of immense happiness due to success or simply expression of happiness.

3) Expression of delight and adoration.

4) Equivalent of ‘You are welcome!’ as an answer to gratitude.

5) Literally, praising of the sun.

6) Some equivalent of ‘May the Force be with you!’.
Example 1:
— How to solve all my problems?
Praise the sun!

Example 2:
— Yay, I finally beat Ornstein and Smough without any help! Praise the sun!

Example 3:
— Chest ahead.
— Praise the sun!

Example 4:
— Thank you for help!
— Praise the sun!

Example 5:
‘Sun like a magnificent father… Praise the sun!’

Example 6:
— Tomorrow I will go to a job interview. I’m quite nervous.
— Praise the sun!
by NeerPS July 10, 2016
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An answer to a problem. Usually when the person answering doesn't know how to fix the problem.
Though effective, it is quite limited. The question must involve an action.
Example 1: "How can I defeat the dragon?"
"Praise the Sun."

Example 2: "What can I do?"
"Praise the Sun."
by Legendary Waffles November 9, 2011
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When you raise your hands pointing to the sun
Let's just Praise the sun for a moment and thank it
by Gustetas November 8, 2019
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