A Practical Vegetarian is someone who almost always eats plant based food when that choice is available. And when that choice is not available she is open to eating whatever food is indeed available.
During my trips around the world I sometimes eat animal products as I am a practical vegetarian. If the choice is available I eat plant based foods.
by yogaps February 20, 2010
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Fake vegetarians who have co-opted the term to make themselves feel better and/or undermine the identity of actual vegetarians.

Gopi Kallayil, a blogger for Huffington Post and Marketer for Google, claims to have invented this term to describe himself.
PV: I am a vegetarian, but I love hamburgers and steak and will eat them if there is nothing else around.

AV: Well then, you are not really a vegetarian, are you?

PV: Sure I am, I just made up a new definition of vegetarian. I call it "Practical Vegetarian".

AV: What a great idea! I am going to start calling myself a doctor, even though I never went to medical school. I am a "practical doctor"!
by Farnesworth Butterbum October 5, 2010
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