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Fake vegetarians who have co-opted the term to make themselves feel better and/or undermine the identity of actual vegetarians.

Gopi Kallayil, a blogger for Huffington Post and Marketer for Google, claims to have invented this term to describe himself.
PV: I am a vegetarian, but I love hamburgers and steak and will eat them if there is nothing else around.

AV: Well then, you are not really a vegetarian, are you?

PV: Sure I am, I just made up a new definition of vegetarian. I call it "Practical Vegetarian".

AV: What a great idea! I am going to start calling myself a doctor, even though I never went to medical school. I am a "practical doctor"!
by Farnesworth Butterbum October 5, 2010
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A somewhat obscure way of describing a group of people crossing a street. This is often used in connection with intoxicated homeless or ethnic minorities.
I took me forever to drive down main street because it was bar close and a group of drunks were pulling an abbey road.

Some homeless people were abbey roadin' it in traffic this morning near the park, causing a slowdown.
by Farnesworth Butterbum May 6, 2005
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