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An irreverent village situated between Macclesfield and Stockport. An attempt at 'home counties' coming to Cheshire. Inhabitants of this village attempt to be both cool and posh; yet fail, in a largely arrogant/ in an over compensating manor. The village attempts to be contemporary, with an outrageous collection of overpriced coffee shops and poor 'boutiques'. There is literally nothing to do in this village, a predicament that leads most of the juvenile villagers to turn to boozing in strange public places, and cannabis. Most odd, is that lots of the young inhabitants from neighbouring places come here to meet up. While lots of chavvy scummy inhabitants from the ex-council house part of town hang around the high school to long, and usually go out with local Yr 10 & Yr 11 slags.
"man im sooo high, im gonna need at least 1 whole pack of cookies to quench these massive munchies" - stood inside co-op, Poynton
"lets go Deva or Tip 'ill and get drunk then walk pointlessly around Poynton"
" i have such a hangover- lets go buy a coffee in Poynton Villaaage nd talk about our dullardy lives "
"aww yea lets go villllage"
by bargaincunter January 29, 2012
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