A bracelet that is made of beads, that is large in size, and intricate in design. Generally worn with rave attire and sported at such events such as raves or electronica concerts.
Oh my gosh did you see that powerband it had a Keroppi on it.
Wow your powerband's design is awesome.
My powerband is made of about 300 beads.
It takes about 5 meters of string to make a good powerband.
Awe man i got to learn how to make a powerband.
by Keroppi-The Kid on Skates January 10, 2010
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Refering to a fuel opperated engine, the powerband would be the point of power generated between two RPM ranges, causing the most efficent working power of the motor.
My dirt bike rev's up to 13,000 RPM but my powerband kicks in at 3500 RPM and hits until 10,000 RPM so I want to shift before my RPM gets to high.
by JoJmoto April 17, 2008
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A slang term used to describe a headband or hippy-type of head wrap that is slung horizontally around the forehead area of the face. Typically worn to show support, energize one's spirits, or to look like a hippy.
Whenever i wanna show my spirit i put my powerband on and i suddenly exhibit all of this extra energy!
by erieee December 11, 2009
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1. n. The period in a persons life where sexual drive peaks. Usually between ages 16 and 21 in males, and between 28 and 32 in females.

2. n. A state of perpetual sexual arousal or excitement which causes a person to engage in a much sexual activity as possible.
Dude, that chick at the far end of the bar throwing back gin and tonics is definately in the powerband. She'd go home with any guy here!
by Cap July 2, 2004
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