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Poundin' it is all about drinking them brews or hard liquor. Usually done on a weekends but these days goes down whenever. Some people pound fortys for example see forty steve but thats hurting. Some guys like to go all out for poundin' it with steaks, redbulls, and hottubs. But others like to pound it just reppin a Yonzo hat. If your really yonzafeliated, you'd probably claim your youndin' it tonight.

yo guy you poundin' it?

ye, what else is there to do, we live in oakville

Yo guy you poundin' it?

nahh... that hurting guy whos like 20 that works at the beer store and went to school with us didnt lynx me any brewskin blacks.
by Rocco Buzzcut August 04, 2008
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