The shapely posterior of a thick, well built woman that appears to be able to take a thorough and strenuous pounding. See also ass cheeks, butt cheeks.
She bent over, I full stroked balls deep and destroyed those poundcakes for a good hour.
by Brasky November 8, 2017
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Pussy-As you eat it, and you pound on it. Comes from the song "Poundcake" by Van Halen.
Dude, I just love my baby's poundcake. It's tight, man.
by P.I. Sstaker January 17, 2010
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Is a term thats used to talk about "One" or "A Group" Of Sexy Females. Usually at a party, club, bar ect.............
"Damn son do you see all this poundcake around us"

Two guys are walking down the street an see two hot girls on the other side of the street, they turn look at eachother and say "Poundcake"
by Drastic860 November 9, 2009
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A beatdown, commonly used by the jock Kirby Olsen from the Rockstar game, Bully.
All quotes by Kirby Olsen:

"It's pouncake time!"

"I got a new recipe for poundcake!".

"Someone's hungry for poundcake!".

"Here comes your poundcake!".

"Please don't, I hate pouncake!".
by Lucky the Greaser August 23, 2013
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A girl that is really thicc and has a really big ass
Dude your girlfriend is a poundcake
by evega February 25, 2019
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A Thick female wit extra pounds on her body
Red: ay look over dere she thick

Pooh bear: naw she ain't thick she a few ponds over thick she a poundcake
by Luvenia October 28, 2007
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A type of female that has a dark outer shell but inside she is sweet and moist; maybe a chick that had a rough life but deep down inside she is just as soft and sweet as cake; life or a situation has pounded on her so much but she doesn't want no drama she just wants to be devoured like cake; or the reference of a female's cleft of venus.
Shawty aint got beef drapes...she got that poundcake
by Ms. Poundcake January 28, 2010
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