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A word run standing for "Pot of what I got of... " as in cooking. A Pottawadda meal consists of what ever a person has inside of his or her refrigerator, and those food ingredients,whatever they may be, along with spices and sauces of choice, are thrown into a skillet on the stove, cooked the desired time, and henceforth made into a delicious meal. 1) Pottawaddas are not to be confused with a Pot Luck meal. Of course, if all dishes in a Pot Luck dinner were put together and cooked in one large vat, the Pot Luck could certainly be turned into a type of Pottawadda. 2) Pottawaddas may also be Leftovers conjoined in such a manner as to delight the pallet. 3) The biggest rule governing Pottawaddas are the fact that they are unplanned meals and no one is to actually "go to the grocery store" for any ingredient contained in the meal. More information may be found at Pottawadda Rainbow Recipies on Facebook, or at Note: *These dishes are especially helpful for college students*
Pottawadda "Rainbow Stir-Fry" Recipe

Pottawadda Food Ingredients: Onions, Sugar Snap Peas, Green Beans, Andouille Sausage (optional), Olive Oil, Rasperry Vinegar

Pottawadda Spices: Cracked Pepper, Cumin, Paprika, Sea Salt, anything else that strikes your fancy.
by The Elfin Chef June 13, 2013
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