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A simple recipe I made up while quite stoned in my kitchen with little to cook with.

Items Needed:
French Dressing
3 Cheese Blend Shredded Cheese

(If using oven) Preheast oven to 375*
Take bread out of bread bag
Take other ingredients of of refrigerator
Place all items on table or counter

Lightly toast bread on low setting or otherwise preferred toaster setting
Take toast out
Lightly or heavily spread butter on toast
Sprinkle cheese heavily on toast
Place toast in oven or microwave untill cheese is melted
Take out of oven
Drizzle dressing on finished product

Serve with salsa and chips or Cheetos
Hey Amanda, I made something up that sounds gross but tastes dank as hell. I call it 'Pot Toast'. Totally meta! Want some?
by KeepOnTruckinMaryJane March 07, 2011
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