A severely overweight woman on whose belly one ejeculates on rather than inside her vagina.
I was afraid of knocking up that fat bitch so I made her a pot bellied pig instead.
by Partsguru13 June 3, 2017
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A person, (usually a man but not limited to), who is above the age of 21. They possess a “fat bell”, have hair chests and stomachs, and they are very lazy in all aspects.

Socially, they speak lazily. They usually just go with the flow because they’re too lazy to make up their own mind.

Physically, they get easily worn out, and don’t enjoy walking long distances.
“Look at that pot belly pig!” *insert photo of a sleeping old fart, mouth gaping, snoring, fat belly poking out of his shirt* “He fell asleep waiting on his wife at the bar!”
by BabyKittyLover May 31, 2023
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