Tom & Blake were posted up behind the supermarket when the robbery occured.
by Steve Franchise October 18, 2007
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Usually used to describe a group of people or just one person who is always at a certain place, just standing around looking for something to do.
"Mad kids are always posted up at this Wawa."
by leeski July 11, 2008
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To be prepared or in the postion to sell drugs.
My brother Rell is posted up down the street
by gk339 June 14, 2009
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To chill or stand at a spot (like a club or a street corner etc). To claim a spot. The term came from drug dealers on street corners, like light posts and street posts, and there you have it POST UP!
Yo lets post up right there where all the honeys with the big booties are.
by dada-ecko February 11, 2005
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means you and someone are gonna fight, y'all about to get em up.
if she talk about me or my crew one more time , we gonna post up after school.
by G0LD3N May 4, 2015
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