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University located in downtown Portland, Oregon, the largest state univerity in Oregon and home of the Vikings sports teams. Was formerly called Vanport College.
I go to Portland State University and have the student loans to prove it.
by pdxkatt July 05, 2004
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a briefcase school known for its unattached student body and terrible athletics. Students only concerned with getting in and getting out, without going through the college experience. Consistent growing fan base of 5 students per football game, 2 for mens basketball, and none for womens basketball, where scores run low. Should be a D-III school, but somehow paid its way to D1. Mascot is the Viking, which it stole from every other college, high school, and middle school. Alumni hate PSU, students go there to not be bothered, and scum creeps up from the street to take part in their athletics. Go Viks!
wow, he is going to portland state university? what a waste of talent...

Portland state university womens basketball loses yet again

Portland state university football will be playing their rival, the local middle school, who currently hold a 5 game winning streak!
by OUDux March 16, 2008
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