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Also called Port No-Hope (how creative), this town of 15,000 people on the northern shore of lake ontario is celebrating it's 10 year anniversary of it's first McDonalds. Yeah. It's that sort of town.
What? You're from Port Hope? You mean no-hope? Well, it's better than cobourg...
by Omega Dave February 16, 2011
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a town to escape Cobourg the crack town I go there every other day cause Cobourg is so gay the downtown is going under and the people are starting to go crazy cause they are getting into drugs and booze and pills and people masturbate on the street corners cause they are mentally ill and crack heads suck off people in the alleyways and the old people smoke crack and are just waiting to die in their stupid weirdomere apartments cause they are into crack and pills and they want to commit suicide and mr 00000000 is a useless piece of human trash cause he is too fat
by waste of time in cobourg May 14, 2018
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A town located in what Michiganders would refer to as "The Thumb". This town is so small (currently populated at around 300 people) they consider it a village. The underaged get drunk almost every weekend and not one adult has enough cause to care. They just continue to wonder where all the road and/or beer signs have gone. The town is home to the Port Hope Bluestars. A sorry excuse for individuals who don't have enough balls to get out and make something of themselves. Instead they continue to cheer on their destined to lose boys' basketball team and fail to cheer on their league winning girls' basketball team.
Bob: "Are we going through a town?"
Jane: "I think so, the sign said Port Hope."
Bob: "Where are all the signs?"
*Jane points*
Jane: "What are those kids running away from the bar with?"
Bob: "Appears to be a BudLight sign."
Jane: "Leave it to the inbreds."
by fizzlee July 30, 2009
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