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Small town in cobourg where all the teenagers are either 1 high af 2 getting wasted 3 both or 4 bitching about each other and causing some fucking pointless drama.
Cobourg. Why would you move there
by Lit guy22 September 01, 2017
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A tiny town in Ontario. It has a beautiful beach and an amazing restaurant called JJ's. The high schools in Cobourg all have clicks. The preps all look the same and thinks getting wasted is the only way to have fun.

This small town is full of drama and hate. Everyone judges everyone. It's a real boring town to live in, but is great to visit.
Kate - There is nothing to do in Cobourg
Emma - OMG I know , lets go see a movie
Kate - I've seen all three movies in the theater already
Emma - Oh, wanna get drunk?
Kate - sounds good.
by xxxCITYGIRLxxx August 31, 2010
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Small, growing town in Ontario Canada

A town whose population exceeds the average level of crazy. Filled with dirty old people and released loonie bin residence. Friendly during the day, but fucking scary once the sun goes down.
My home, my love.. Cobourg :)
Child: "Im just heading down town with my friends."

Mother: "you better take a bat, and some adult diapers, never know what part of the cobourg population is out tonight!"
by lipchap April 18, 2009
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Home of some whores and crackheads
Whats cobourg?

It's a greasy part of southern Ontario
by Essofed September 21, 2016
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A small town in Ontario, Canada that is full of dirty scruffy bums, effing crackheads, smelly whores, blue witches, needle poking and fentynal smoking junkies, and drunks.
The town doesn't care about the younger generations, it is very boring and honestly many people can't stand to live there.

There are no jobs in Cobourg. It is full of old people from the war time era and baby boomers who have inherited the towns economics and council members' influence, just another masonic town.
It may be a good spot for growing up and going to school, but the disheartened bored kids are all getting into drugs and drinking because its boring to the max, no different than the inner cities in that aspect.

It is the next worse town to live in next to Port Hopeless. (or Portopolis Hopelessness)
Lets go to Cobourg to buy some crack cocaine and rip some fools off, get drunk and drive around in our crack-mobiles all night and smoke some more crack!
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