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Being fat. and remember, if you are skinny, you can still be fat... like cutting in line at mcdonald's just cause you are hungry and fat.... eating your food before you leave any drive-thru...un-buttoning your pants after a meal...asking for no ice in your drink at a restaraunt because ur fat and want more soda....accidently taking a big bite of ur finger instead of ur food...if people at a fast food restaraunt i.e. McDonald's know you by ur first name... now thats a Porker-Pig for you.
1. Wow, what a fuckin Porker-Pig, that guy asked for thick crust on his pizza.

2. KAREN is a Porker-Pig, she got mad cause i ate one of her fries.

3. a Porker-Pig can be someone who says, "oh no thank you im not that hungry"....(because they're cheap and fat) then 5 minutes later saying, "ok maybe just a little" but they end up eating the whole plate of tacos.
by Teresa Palacios January 03, 2006
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