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The Portuguese answer to the wigger and the chav. Interests are typically skewed a little less to the rap/hip-hop music, and more to the antisocial behaviour, than the average wigger. Both genders appear to be attracted to brand names and bling like moths to a flame. Ed Hardy, Coach, and Vuitton are popular, however there is a near total absence of Burberry, and far fewer tracksuits than among the chav population. They typically roam in packs, and reproduce only slightly later than most chavs, possibly due to the disapproving immigrant parents they still live with.

The telltale sign of a PorkChav is having their own name tattooed somewhere on their bodies, though as it's unlikely anyone would try and return one home if found in a gutter, it's more likely that they simply have trouble remembering it.
"That's sweet that she's got her daughter's name on her arm, but isn't she a bit young?"
"She's a PorkChav. That's actually her own name. And next time you see her boyfriend, look at his neck..."
by roxyhead August 05, 2012
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