the image of a male or female with eyeballs protruding out of the socket above what's deemed as socially appealing.


The term most often hollered by attractive people when encountering a stranger with eyes protruding from the sockets.
she's ok face on, but when she turns to her profile, her eyes are pretty popped out. FML.

Damn! Someone should get him an ice pack or some sleep! He is popped out!

He's gotta reduce his sodium intake cuz he is popped out!

Attractive person: *see's a person with protruding eye balls* "POPPED OUT!!"
by bun may August 26, 2010
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To realise that you have had a subconscious, random, vocal outburst which is both out of context and completely irrelevant. Usually brought on by the excessive use of drugs and tiredness.
Person B: " Is everyone ok here in the front room?"

Person A: "I can’t believe this part of the M23 is so busy"

Person B: What?

Person A: What?

Person B: "You’re not on the M25, you’re in my living room"

Person A: “I think I just Popped out"
by Grantus Maximus September 19, 2009
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