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(Pop-Lar-Ville) NOT Popular-ville
*A very small town in Southern Mississippi. Population 3,500. The majority of the population are good folk. Unfortunately there are a few dumbasses. The "Grand-Fathers" of the town will not let it grow. It is dry, therefore the posession of alcohol is illegal. In the briiliant thinking of the community they believe that it should remain dry, do not allow franchises or large companies, and do not by any means even think about allowing the existence of some type of entertainment facility. (i.e. movies, bowling alley, skating rink) They state their reasons for this type of belief to be that the city shall keep the small business owner alive. BUT, what they don't realize is, the residents rather drive 20 minutes to another city and goto Wal-Mart and give that city the tax revenue. GREAT LOGICAL PEOPLE. The City Mayor, Police Department, and Fire Department are the best around and can be compared to ANY large city departments or officials any day of the week. Not as much can be said for some of the elected people who allegedly sit on the board.
It is the hone of the Blueberry Festival in June and the Home of the 2004 Junior College National Football Champions the Pearl River Wildcats!
ATTN: PARENTS!!! Raise your kids here! Great place for families.
by Dr. Frederick Haynes CFN April 27, 2005
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