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Female who usually appears average in her daily life then suddenly transforms (similar to popcorn popping or transforming) dressing to impress typically on a Friday or Saturday night getting turnt up.
" ohh look at her, looking like a true popcorn hoe today! "
by Original Popcornhoe March 15, 2015
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Women that jump in and out of bed with different men every night.
She leaves the club with a different playa every night. She a popcorn hoe.
by Sage24 June 10, 2013
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A girl who acts in a very reserved manner until she attends an event, like a Christmas party. After a couple of drinks she then magically transforms into a slut of little or no morals
Did you hear about S****y? She shagged that ugly big nosed guy after the pub last week. Two drinks and she’s a regular popcorn hoe!
by Oompah loompah hunter June 03, 2019
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