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Ahh the pop-mosher, a term I made up myself. Basically, a pop-mosher has all the traits a wannabe-goth has, but is in ways very different.
Firstly, lets start with the pop-mosher's musical taste. Pop-mosher's will listen to anything containing a guitar, bass and drums basically. To name a few bands or singers, the main few are: Avril Lavinge, My Chemical Romance, Green Day. Also, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot and Evanescence may be reffered to as 'goth' music by a pop-mosher. They may also listen to Mcfly, Busted, Pink and Fightstar, but they may be considered ''too mainstream'' for them; as they like to see themselves as individual.
Secondly, what does a Pop-mosher wear? Well, a pop-mosher will wear anything that is black basically and think they're gothic. T-shirts with skull emblams, fire and the like can usually be seen upon a pop-mosher. But sometimes they will wear bright colours and think of themselves as individual or standing out. Popular brand names with the pop-mosher are Dickies, Vans and for the girls, clothes from Tammy girl which thankfully has shut down near where I live. Fake converses are very popular with the pop-mosher, and sometimes they may even have a real pair :O Also, the New Rock SHOES not the boots the SHOES are semi-popular too.
Finally, what else can define a pop-mosher? Well, some accesories like chains and tons of eyeliner can be tracked down to the pop-mosher. But basically, as I said before a pop-mosher is very much like a wannabe-goth. So if you still don't know what a pop-mosher is just look at the definitions for wannabe goth.

A girl or boy walks down the street with huge chains and tons of eyeliner listening to ''gothic'' Slipknot. A real goth walks past and gives them a dirty look.
Goth - under breath - fucking wannabe
Pop-mosher- just because I'm more gothic than you! yeah slipknot sooo gothic im such a goth because I'm depressed and wear black yeeeah satan
by -Crimson- November 07, 2005
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I made up the word pop mosher myself. A pop mosher is someone who thinks theyre 'properhardcore' because they wear 'dickies or 'vans' and listen to some corporate shit. For example, evanescence, blink 182, nirvana, foofighters, sum 41,green day,good charlotte, the rasmus, marilyn manson or the ever popular mcfly or busted. These bands usually consist of some whiny annoying voiced lead singer with a guitar strumming the same chords over and over again, wearing a t-shirt saying a slogan like 'anarchy' or 'punk rock' with a pair of those awful half-mast, baggy dickies trousers with a pair of pink converses, vans, dcs or etnies thinking that pink is an individual colour.
The pop mosher thinks they are individual because they dont go around wearing townie gear, when most of the time a pop mosher is a townie in disguise.
A girl pop mosher wil usually shop at tammy girl, and get those horrible bright pink, black or purple baggy ake bondage trousers with straps flying off them. Also, they will wear skechers, punky fish, those disgusting plastic spiy earrings and a dog collar with spikes about a millimetre long. They try to pose all morbid and suicidal like avril lavinge or amy lee from evanescence standing wth an arm on hi, and they're face leaning down with big eyes. These big eyes are usually caked in black or pink eyeshadow trying so hard to be gothic and they're hair in messy pigtails.
A boy pop mosher will wear those awful beige or black baggy criminal damage or dickies trousers either half mast or so long they trip up each time they walk. They will also wear adio, vans, airwalk or dc shoes with a black hoodie with some stupid word or symbol on the front. The boy listens to good charlotte, blink 182 and the rasmus(as does the girl) and poses all 'hard' and 'in yer face'. They usually have a scruffy look about them and wear those massive chains dangling about they're waist that jingle when they walk. The hair is either long and frizzy, shaved or so spiked that the head gets weighed down.
The message is basically, pop moshers are like mini moshers or wannabe goths but even more annoying as they mosh to pop music trying to be 'gothic' or 'punk'.
Pop mosher walks past a normal person playig bink 182 on a cd player very loud you can even hear tom delonge's whiny voice. The pop moshers metal chain is so ridiculously long it knocks out normal person, but the pop mosher is too busy listening to their 'hardcore' music they dont notice. How punk ass you rebel (not).
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