A code word for ‘time trial’ used by cross country coaches
We will be meeting tomorrow at 8:00 am for a pop quiz.
by Twhiddy July 20, 2018
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Something your teacher gives you, without telling you.
Teacher: All right you guys take out your pencils and pens time for a pop quiz
Student: A pop quiz, oh no, I didn't study. WELL, I'll just copy off the nerd's paper, then.
by punchie-247 July 17, 2009
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When a guy is sitting in school, not thinking of anything sexual, and you get an erection for no apparent reason.
Teacher: "Tyler, could you come to the board and finish this math problem?"
Tyler: "Oh shit, I've got a pop quiz too..."
by Ross Sargent December 3, 2005
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