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1) The random expulsion of methane particles from the anus. Can be silent or audible, depending on the position and size of the buttocks expelling them. The odor also ranges from odorless to having the ability to leave you incapacitated.
*standing in a crowded elevator*

woman: Is it just me or is this elevator full of pootrons?

man: Close your legs.
by Amerikan Plage February 13, 2010
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1. anything to do with severe and/or unslightly feces, or defecation; 2. a word to mean anything that is incomprehensible or nearly impossible to specify;3. something unfathomable and/or ridiculous, (liken to Miss USA pooping); 4. type of deadly weapon whose lethality is proportional to its fowlness; 5. some device related to or used in defecation; 6. emphasis of insignificance
1. I cannot believe the size of the pootron in that toilet. 2. What you speak of is nonsense, a "pootron", so to speak. 3. Her face was of pootron design. 4. Pootron bomb. 5. You are a pootron hole; Release some pootrons (i.e. "drop some kids off at the pool") 6. "Neutron in the pootron", meaning something like "a drop in the ocean"
by Yuck-Yucky-san December 08, 2008
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