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Referred to by its formal name, andouillette sausage, in more sophisticated social circles, poosage is the staple food of the juivebear. Traditionally, it is made by stuffing a section of a pig's colon with every other internal part of the pig that has come into contact with its feces (i.e. the rest of the colon). For the vast majority of the human race, eating poosage is akin to eating poo. Thus, those who eat poosage are commonly given the pejorative label "pooser." Word to the wary, poosage is not for the faint of stomach and eating it will commonly result in an explosive case of poosage-arrea.
The juivebear demolished the poosage greedily, savoring the pooey before-, during-, and aftertaste.
by Banderthall November 04, 2007
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