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Poopski's was originated from the Fresnan 3 letter word enhancer,Ski's! Which can be put at the end of any word you see fit to set it apart from all the other lame sauce words that people use on a daily basis!
Ashley,I dont know about you,but after destroying that McNasty's breakfast,Ive gotta poopski's HELLA bad and its hangin outta my buttholeski's!
by Antski's and Ashski's October 09, 2010
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Ski's is a 3 letter ending that can be used on any word that people use,but you see fit that these words are stupid as shit,so you add a Ski's at the end of a word and it magically becomes righteous!! You take the lame word Poop and then add the Ski's to the end of it and it becomes the most badass version of poop ANYONES ever heard!!
Man,Ive had to POOPSKI'S since I got up this MORNINGSKI'S,but my girlfriend decided that we needed to run out the DOORSKI'S cause there was a sale at Kohls on SHOESKI'S. Needless to say,I POOPEDSKI'S in my pants!
by Antny and Ashwee October 12, 2010
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-replacement word for saying different explicitves such as shit or crap
mike-today is gonna be a hard day at track
ellie-o poopski!
by yankeemn94 March 21, 2009
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