The Evolutionary Leaf

With the help of modern day science, we no longer have to resort to using a leaf while squating by some tree in a public park. You can purchase modernized poop eraser at any convenience store.
Modernized poop eraser makes me proud to be an American.

by Lala PaPloopza April 23, 2008
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1) T.P. your roommate stole from work, and acts like she's making some "big contribution".

2) Something your new roommate uses a lot of.

3) A "safe" form of contraband you can use to hit your new roommate in the head with.
1) My roommate acts like she's some kind of 'bread winner' bringing home all that stolen poop eraser
2) My new HOMELESS rommate is in the bathroom again using up all the poop eraser.

3) As my roommate sat their on the floor watching cartoons, I held myself back from giviing her a 'blow to the back of the head' with some good old poop eraser.

by noworriezzs April 22, 2008
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