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to cleanse one's colons with the urinary excretion of another.
"Forget Doctor! Lets play Poop Chutes and Bladders!"
by Stinky Whitsleteeth September 12, 2003
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Loosely based on the hit boardgame Chutes and Ladders. The object of this new board game from Porker Brothers is to land on as many spaces on the board that display a pile of steamy poo as possible in 15 moves. The winner of the game then gets to empty his/her bladder onto his unworthy opponents.
You better hope I dont win in our game of Poopchutes and Bladders tonight cuz Ive been drinking orange juice all day and havent pissed once!!
by Vulgardefmaker January 18, 2008
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poop chutes and bladders is the adult version of the kids game chutes and ladders but in the adult version you take turns poopin and peein on yourself
my friend asked me if i wanted to play a round of poop chutes and bladders to which i declined as im not into poopin or peein on myself
by ODog N Cali M.C N T April 06, 2009
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