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A form of wave used following a successful interview for a job. These crafty waves are more than often not welcome as they ruin your chances of actually getting the job.

A poombasnort is an involuntary spasm that releases tension built up before and during the interview. It is often aimed towards the interviewer scaring them from ever hiring you for that job as they fear you may have something mentally wrong. A poombasnort can also affects ones speech (see example)

This is also a word that can be used after a particularly rubbish day.
"Hey, how was the interview"
"Not great, i did a poombasnort"
"Aw that's too bad!"

"So i'll look forward to hearing from you" = "MPF MFHS"

"Well that was a poombasnort of a day!"
by Gary D! February 20, 2007
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