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The noise one makes when is:

i. Extremely excited
ii. Reaching a sexual climax
iii. Is studying Physics
Person A: MPF MPF physics left-hand-push rule
Person B: What the hell are you doing, damn it?
Person A: It's a sigh not a sexual moan.

by MPF-MPF-Connie March 29, 2009
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MPF stands for Money Power Fame, a three-concept goal that most people wish to obtain in their life-time. This concept includes the obtainment of riches, the ability to influence others, and the will to make a lasting impression on anyone who comes in contact with someone who has MPF (Money Power Fame). This concept was established by a group of multi-talented individuals who coined the phrase "money, power, fame." They later came to create Money Power Fame Entertainment a group of singers, dancers, producers, graphic designers, models, djs, and musicians from all over the globe who came together with a common objective for money, power, and fame.
When I grow up I want to have "MPF".
by Cakey Viva November 30, 2011
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otherwise known as a Multiple Posting Frenzy. The act of leaving many posts in a row on a friend's page. Usually a response to insomnia, caffeine, alcohol, stimulants or a genuine desire to annoy others. What these posts lack in quality they make up for in sheer volume.

The act of posting on a person's wall until your posts are the only posts visible on their wall.

The facebook version of drunk-dialing.
Tiffany was shocked to find that she had 28 notifications on facebook from the night before, all from her crazy friend Kate. She just chalked it up to one of Kate's caffeine-induced 2 am MPF's.

Last night I got drunk and had an MPF all over my ex boyfriend's page.
by Pradakate July 02, 2009
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The noise one makes after a very gassy fart but just before they throw up.
*Person 1 farts*

*Person 2 laughs*

Person 1: MPF MPF (laugh) MPF MPF *vomit*
by MPF-CONNIE-VOMIT March 30, 2009
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Metro Playoff Failure. The MLS soccer franchise in NY/NJ as both the Metrostars and Red Bulls has never won the MLS Cup since the league was created in 1996. Every year the team makes the playoffs is met with catastrophic and usually self-inflicted failure.
Did you see this year's MPF last night? That's so Metro.
by BubblesSoB November 06, 2013
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Monkey Pimple Face

Used to describe an extremely hideous person with an acne problem and a face that brings tears of fear in your innocent little eyes. Also is very contagious and a walking STD.
"Watch out, you'll catch its MPF!"
by EL MYSTERIO April 22, 2008
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